Window Boxes

Top-notch Wholesale Custom Window Boxes


Production of the best custom window boxes is only possible with good cardstock material. Our experts in the customer support and designing department will help you find the best material for your custom window boxes. We have a lot of options in different styles of window boxes and different designs of window boxes.

You can get PVC-covered window sheets on these window boxes and they can be just cut out as well. At Dura Printing you will find what you are admiring for and what you actually want for your product. We help you know how you can make the packaging of your product with our great ideas of custom window boxes. All of our designs and style options in custom window boxes are unique and elegant. Custom Window boxes are used for soap candles and other different essential products. This kind of packaging plays a vital role in the display of your product as customers can see and touch through the packaging, and get a feel of your product.

All of these things can boost your sales because now customers not only see, touch and feel the aroma and beauty of your product in real life without tearing off the package.
Custom window boxes can be made in any of the shapes and sizes you want. As well as there are no restrictions in the way of material. Because all of the material can have a cut-out window and a PVC sheet-covered window.  Custom window boxes are mostly made up of white cardstock.

Also, people choose brown Kraft cards if the product is near nature or any natural items like scent candles or natural honey as well as beeswax candles. You can have multiple windows on one box unless it looks bad.
But the choice is all yours. You may advise how we make the box in the shape of the placement of the window in custom window boxes and the placement of the design on them.

We are offering great discounted prices on all kinds of custom window boxes. We have a wide range of war material suppliers. Those are responsible for providing all kinds of finest material at great wholesale prices.

Window boxes: 

Custom window boxes represent your items with good visibility on the shelf’s counters of retailer or shop countertop displays, and events. These window display boxes are increasing the value and good vibe of your brand among people. Custom window display boxes also called showcase boxes are also used for seeing the objects from outside the boxes they can be used in a restaurant, shops, events, pharmacies, etc for showing the different objects.

 You can order these Window boxes as die-cut window boxes from Dura Printing.

 Versatility and Cost-efficiency:

The Die-Cut Box is versatile and is used by many industries. They are often used to protect fragile products like electronics and cosmetics and even they are used for food items. You can easily alter them according to your business. These boxes are available here at wholesale rates and you can buy in bulk to save a lot of cost.

Providing Shelf Appeal:

We make unique and eye-catching Die-Cut Boxes that stand out on the shelf and make your brand famous. Our boxes help you attract your customers with appealing graphics. These boxes can leave a long-lasting impression on your customers and you can easily earn their loyalty. We can also add a glossy look to some designs that can easily outshine other products. Other than that, you can enhance your customers’ experience

Packaging plays an important role in the marketing industry and these boxes prove to be an amazing marketing tool. These boxes not only protect your products but also enhance your brand identity. These boxes are made with highly sustainable materials that provide strength to these boxes.

Window display boxes as a counter box:

The window display is a distinct presentation on a counter, mostly used to sell the little items. Due to its compact design, a counter display can capture the most strategic locations at newsagents, agencies, bakeries, pharmacies and households. The kitchen countertop contains the sink and cooktop, these basic 2 elements and other many elements are very safe in these kinds of packaging. There is also the space for cleaning, prepping, cutting and mixing foods, resting hot pots and pans, plating food storing small kitchen appliances, and everyday uses for all these ads. Dura printing countertop packaging is one the best ways to protect the items and increase the rating of your brand. Your items will be wrapped safely and delivered to your customer without any damage in Our custom packaging.

Counter display window boxes:

Our team makes sure that the products run off the shelves by giving customers a “grab and go” option. These counter display boxes are an amazing way to showcase your products on the shelves of your stores, retail stores, malls or in the different stalls. We have many kinds of shapes, styles, dimensions, and designs and high-quality prints are available for custom display packaging. That’s why you can enhance your brand’s awareness among the common people and also increase the colors’ brightness and add a premium appearance to cardboard display boxes with various color shades and finishing options. We also take care of many things like, embossing, debossing, foil stamping, matt, glossy, shiny look, soft in touch and also durable. Dura printing makes these fantastic packaging according to your requirements. It also provides durability and flexibility and this custom display high-quality packaging gives you the best marketing support too.