Custom Pre-Roll Boxes

Custom pre roll boxes wholesale


Pre-roll Boxes are popular packaging boxes in the tobacco and cannabis industry. These small boxes protect the pre-roll products like cigarettes from other factors. They not only protect the pre-roll products but they also keep them fresh. Many tobacco businesses use these boxes to make their brand stand out among other tobacco brands. These boxes are appealing in nature and tobacco consumers are always attracted to them. You can find these boxes here on our website at low prices. Dura Printing offers these high-quality boxes to the UK and USA businesses. You can click here to learn more about it 

Materials Choice For Pre-Roll Boxes: 

Dura Printing offers pre-roll boxes made with high-quality materials. There are various materials used to make these boxes like cardboard, paperboard, plastic or metal materials. Mostly the boxes are made with cardboard because they can protect the pre-roll products better than others. The pre-roll boxes made from cardboard are durable and quite popular among tobacco consumers. Paperboards are less durable than cardboard but they are still popular because of their strength. They are basically eco-friendly materials. 

Plastic materials are usually used to protect the pre-roll products from moisture. Metal materials give the boxes a luxurious look and are costly. But these materials can make your products unique from others. 

Customization and Designing of Pre-Roll Boxes: 

We offer various customization and design options to our customers. You can choose from various options like shapes and sizes of pre-roll boxes according to your requirements. You can also choose the window cut-out boxes that can show the inside pre-roll product perfectly. We can design your boxes with various types of graphics that can give them a luxurious look. We can add different images and quotes on the boxes that can enhance its overall appearance. The color scheme is also important because most of your customers usually recognize your products from the color. If you want to make your pre-roll boxes stand out more then adding your brand logo can enhance its appeal. You can also choose to add information on the boxes like warnings, product ingredients and other important information. 

Printing Techniques: 

Dura Printing offers high-quality printed pre-roll boxes. There are various printing methods used in printing of these boxes like offset, digital and screen printing. Offset printing is usually used because it provides high-quality results. It can give your boxes a luxurious and eye-catching appearance. Digital printing is less costly and is often used by small businesses. Screen printing is also popular because it can make your boxes stand out more. It can give your products a glowy appearance at night making them more eye-catching. We can also add a glossy look to your graphics that can make your Custom preroll boxes shine when the light falls on them. 

Administrative Consent: 

In many countries, there are rules and regulations set by the government to ensure the safety of children and the environment from tobacco products. You can choose to add the legal tag on the boxes. This way you can ensure the safety of consumers. This also helps you in branding and marketing by making your products stand out more. This can enhance your customers’ experience as well as your sales. You can make your products more recognized in the tobacco industry. 

Wholesale Rates for UK and USA Customers

Dura Printing offers these pre-roll boxes at wholesale prices to UK and USA customers. You can also choose to purchase a large quantity of these pre-roll boxes. The quantity can range from 1000 to 10000 and more. 

Why Choose Us?

There are several factors that can make you choose us to purchase these high-quality boxes. The first factor is our high-quality products. Our customers know that we always serve them with high-quality materials that can make their own brand stand out among others. Second, we offer various options to our customers to choose the perfect design for their boxes. Third our products are always available at economical and wholesale prices. These are the reasons why you should choose Dura Printing to purchase pre-roll boxes.