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Cake boxes and Bakery boxes


Our Standard White Cake Boxes are made of Coated Recycled paperboard, which is white from the outside and brown from the inside. The lock corners ease building and enable the box to be folded flat for storage or transport.

These boxes are specifically made to keep the inside product safe from environmental conditions. It proves useful in holding the freshness of edibles things for a longer period of time. Because safe and freshly baked items are the first choice of every food lover out there in the market.

Dura Printing also prepares other custom bakery boxes like Cupcakes, slice cakes, brownies and biscuits etc, these boxes are a versatile packaging solution that can be tailored to meet specific requirements and enhance the presentation of various products.

These boxes are designed in a unique way to make your product more attractive, which is very good for your business grooming. With the ability to incorporate branding elements and unique designs, custom cake boxes offer businesses an opportunity to create a lasting impression on consumers. In this article, we will explore the benefits and features of custom cake boxes, as well as their uses across different food

industries. Cupcakes custom boxes are made according to sizes and number of cupcakes. Sometimes we need 1 cup cake and sometimes more that’s why custom cup boxes are compulsory to any Bakery for providing safe cupcakes to their Customers. We Print on cake boxes by using high-quality colors. Cake boxes come in flat packs to consume less space so stored and assembled easily.

We also have bakery boxes in a variety of shiny colors and popular sizes. Pack your cakes, cookies, pastries, and cupcakes in a stylish way. Multiple Packages provides the best custom gift boxes in the whole market at Wholesale rates

Our bakery boxes are manufactured with 100% recycled paperboard and are FDA-approved for direct food contact. Wholesale Cake Boxes are 100% Recycled, Kraft, White and Colored. Our cake and cupcake boxes are some of our most popular boxes. Wholesale custom cake packaging is available in many options.

A group of fun colors and unique designs take our cake packaging options to a quickly new level. The delicious items available at your bakery need good packaging that makes them safe and fresh for a long period. These bakery boxes are the exact way to package your baked treats. Every product in this collection was created in an environmentally responsible way, so packaging is also according to the environment.

By incorporating logos, colors, and other branding elements, these boxes help create a distinctive and impressive presence on retail shelves, attracting customers, and enhancing brand recognition. We use that kind of material for these boxes which also offer protection to the products they contain. These boxes can be used for packaging boxes for food items cakes, Cupcakes or cookies etc, from any restaurant and bakery, take-aways and safe deliveries as well as wedding cakes, slices and packaging of gifts.

These boxes also look like gable boxes. The design of gable boxes is made to every size to accommodate any shape or size. With a growing focus on sustainability, consider using custom cake boxes that are not only durable for your product handling but also environmentally friendly. 

Custom Wedding cakes slice boxes

We also manufacture wedding cake slice boxes to make your special occasion more special by sending your wedding guests home with a big smile and a good piece of cake. These personalized wedding cake slice boxes are the perfect thing to handle that task. But these are not ordinary boxes. You can choose shapes and materials.

Choose from the large variety of wedding cake slice boxes for your wedding or other special occasion too. Basically, we made all kinds of designer cake custom boxes with different styles, colors, and shapes you needed. While considering the custom packaging, you can have your brand or company logo and brief details on it, which would be the source of free publicizing of your company name and its values; you can also make your slogan catchier with our options of customized design services. We give you all our services at very reasonable prices with Free shipping so, What are you waiting for contact us for any kind of Custom cake box.