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At Dura Printing, we specialize in creating custom reflective stickers and labels. These permanent stickers are designed to be long-lasting and visible in all lighting and weather conditions. By investing in our reflective products, you can be confident that your logo or signage will be seen in any situation. The reflective sticker material is perfect for use indoors or outdoors, as it lasts for up to four years in tough outdoor situations. The reflector is mostly in the form of a plastic shaped tile. The external surface allows light, such as from car headlights, to enter. The final surface of the inlay uses a system of square spherical beads or micro-prisms.

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When you talk about traffic safety rules reflective tapes and stickers are required to be affixed on vehicles to increase their visibility on the road at night. This includes not only bikes and bicycles that need to be used but also private vehicles and large trucks. Many countries have made it mandatory to put custom reflective stickers on vehicles, highway turns, and sign boards so that drivers don’t miss the item. However, that doesn’t mean you can simply use stickers. Do it which will not look ugly but will increase the attractiveness of motorbikes and cars with stylish stickers.

Why are reflective tape and stickers important?

When a reflective tape or sticker is hit by a beam of light, the light falling on the sticker bounces off it and the sticker feels like it is growing. The advantage of having stickers is that you know if there is a person on the road in front of you, which can save you from an accident, and the vehicle or something else.

You may have noticed that it is often difficult to make decisions on roads with sharp turns, mostly at night, so the stickers are designed to be placed on the side of the road to make it easier for motorists. Make it easy to see the bends in the road.

And they can know whether to keep the speed of the vehicle fast or slow. In addition, driving at night can also mean that the driver is tired, hence the need for roadside stickers, as drivers need to see from a distance, thus distinguishing them from other vehicles. Will win. 

What are the benefits of using stickers?

The biggest advantage is that they can be used in the weather for multi-purpose activities. Dura printing stickers are made from durable materials that help your stickers stick for a long time. Apply the stickers after cleaning the local surface thoroughly. It rained. Stickers do not deteriorate in weather. Because these stickers are waterproof.

 Where are they usually kept?

These stickers are not commonly used reflective stickers around houses, bikes and cars. They can be placed at different levels according to the content. Stickers can be placed on plastic materials, rubber materials, floors, wooden areas, walls and more.

Here are the things that are often affixed with reflective tape and stickers.

  1. Trailers and vehicle

This is the most common use of stickers. They are often placed on the back and sides of vehicles, trailers, or rolling stock. Most vehicles are already equipped with reflectors, but many companies and individuals see the benefits of increasing their visibility, especially. 

In the dark, by adding more reflectors stickers. This can be really beneficial if the vehicle or trailer truck is parked in a high-traffic area at night in a partially dimmed location, or in low-light conditions. 

  1. Motorcycles and Bikes

When you buy a new bicycle or bike, some reflector stickers are already installed on it. But, we still get concerned about our safety on the road, so adding some extra stickers doesn’t hurt. Make sure that the stickers you apply are not blocking or obstructing any important parts of the bike. 

  1. Helmet

Be it a construction helmet or a motorcycle helmet, both can be fitted with reflectors. If you want to enhance your brand, you can also make stickers for helmets stand out. If you plan to ride your bike at night or work a night shift, at least a couple of reflective tapes and you Can apply custom stickers.

Your helmet can greatly increase your visibility in the dark.

  1. Safety cones

Traffic cones are made with colors that are highly visible and come with retro-reflective sheeting already applied, but not all of them have reflective sheeting. The reflection is gone or they don’t have reflection. Can be replaced with a new one. Traffic cones can also be manufactured by you as per the traffic rules which are manufactured using high-quality materials with high-quality materials

  1. Stitched clothes

Reflectors are not only available in tapes and custom stickers, but we also have reflective fabrics available. If you’re one of those people looking for clothing that needs more visibility in the dark, why not just sew a reflective fabric on it? Which makes you look hateful to others.

Your clothes can be customized with reflective tape, stickers or fabric sewn on. So that you can be more visible if you are walking or exercising on the side of the road at night. You can add your brand logo. Which will lead to promotion along with prominence.

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