Custom Pencil Boxes

Looking to expand your custom pencil box packaging business? No worries; the best custom packaging is here to elevate your brand to top-notch status in the market. You will receive high-quality custom pencil boxes at wholesale prices, complete with a stunning appearance that grabs the customer’s attention from afar.

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Why is it required to customize pencil boxes?

When a child is born and starts to enjoy the beauty of life, they want to make their own words by drawing different sketches. Particularly, they were curious to see elders using pencils to do something and drawing amazing artwork. It’s a basic ingredient used by every single person.

It’s not a big deal that you are using it for this purpose. To make pencils a buyer’s favorite and eye-catching; you need to use custom pencil boxes. You can customize these boxes in any format, whether related to color, size, shape, or printing.

The first thing that attracts the customer’s attention is its magnificent packaging. As the pencils are in different colors and sizes, the customization of the pencil boxes varies depending on the size of the pencil. These boxes are not only for an alluring look but also for the safety and protection of pencils.

Pencils are used by professionals, students, artists, and teachers. You can get professional packaging boxes if you desire. The wholesale packaging boxes not only save you money but also act in a professional way for the promotion of your custom boxes.

Procedure for colorfully printing pencil boxes

To create a wonderful printing pencil box, you have to be in connection with some suppliers and have a sequence of processes to follow. Some of the top supplies and their ways of printing are:


  1. simple pencil cases
  2. A variety of colored acrylic or spray paints
  3. Paintbrushes
  4. Adhesive tape or designs (optional)
  5. spray varnish in transparent
  6. RBG colors
  7. CMYK colors
  8. Spot colors

The procedures’ steps

  • Before applying paint colors, there is a need to remove dust or dirt from the custom pencil boxes.
  • For children’s attention and to make the boxes eye-catching, use stencils or stickers on the custom boxes. This adds to the beauty of the graphics on custom pencil boxes.
  • To print your desired color, you can use acrylic or spray paint to paint the boxes. You can ask for many layers to get your desired opacity.
  • After printing your desired colors on the Custom Pencil Boxes, let them dry completely.
  • When the color gets dry, you can remove the stickers and stencils of different cartoons or something like that to get a wonderful design.
  • A glossy finish is given to the boxes, and a fresh color spray is applied for the prevention of paint.
  • When the varnish is applied. Allow enough time for it to dry completely.
  • Now you can use these alarm boxes to blast your brand into the market with unique style. You can present these boxes as gifts to your loved ones, and they also play a key role in the marketing of your brand.

Special colors and their characteristics

Some of these special colors find use in displaying color screens on computers, TVs, laptops, and mobile devices. These colors not only brighten the screen but also enhance the aesthetics of items presented to audiences or customers. Examples of these special colors include RGB, spot color, and CMYK, which find application in printing and illustrating custom pencil boxes.

RGB color scheme in custom pencil boxes

RGB stands for red, green, and blue. They are used as the primary color for digital displays like laptops, TVs, monitor screens, and mobile devices. To get a new, blooming, eye-catching color, we have to use different intensities of red, green, and blue colors. It emerges in an unbelievable and unbeatable color.

Spot color for custom pencil boxes

Spot color, also known as Pantone color, is created by mixing various ink colors using the appropriate color code. Printing utilizes spot colors because they guarantee color consistency and precise color reproduction. We selected the spot colors from the standard color swatch book. It will allow the designer to choose the unique color combination that produces the best results after printing. The company uses these colors for logo design, the name of the company, and special information on the custom pencil box to maintain consistency and accurately represent the brand.

CMYK color for custom pencil boxes

CMYK, which stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, finds use in printing brochures, flyers, and packaging boxes. By adding limited intensities of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink, a new alluring color is emerging called CMYK color. CMYK color has a limited range compared to RGB color. It is also used for printing.

Free tips

There is a large variety of painting brushes. You can use brushes of different shades to create a unique and marvelous style. You can add ingredient details and sophisticated shades using different types of brushes. Trying something new always generates an unbelievable thrill. If you have made any mistakes, acrylic paint boxes are here to help you recover from your loss or mistake. The CMYK, spot color, and RGB colors are used for lavish and consistent printing with a blooming appearance. The choice of color also depends on the product’s requirements and the nature of the outcome you want to get.