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To top it off, custom lock boxes are mainly designed to prevent your precious items from any form of damage. Get these boxes at wholesale prices without delivery and shipment charges.

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Custom lock boxes are used in various Industries basically for security purposes. These boxes are designed to protect precious items and important documents. Custom lock boxes can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, unlike other lock boxes. These boxes are quite popular in various Industries like banking and real estate to store cash and important documents. They have various locking mechanisms but nowadays biometric locks are used for advanced security. We make these boxes with high quality materials. These are available here at economical prices for UK and USA customers. You can find these boxes on our website 


Our custom lock boxes are made with high-quality corrugated cardboard, Kraft materials and metal which provide these boxes durability and strength. These boxes also help in building your brand identity. 

These lock boxes protect your valuables like jewelry, keys and documents. Nowadays metal lock boxes are in common as they provide amazing security and are often used by businesses to protect high-value items. 


Printing is an important factor of these boxes to create packaging that conveys the brand message effectively. Dura Printing offers a wide range of printing options for these boxes. You can choose to add your brand logo or any other graphics on these boxes. We provide high-quality printing products to our customers. 

Additional Features for Custom Lock Boxes: 

Here are some additional features you can choose for custom lock boxes:

1: Automatic locking mechanism: We can design these boxes with an automatic locking mechanism to help you keep your valuables safe. This feature can automatically lock your boxes, even if they are not locked by you. 

2: Electronic Keypad: This feature can only recognize authorized users as you can lock the box with a unique code to protect your valuables from unauthorized access. 

3: Biometric Locking System: For an advanced locking mechanism biometric system is a great choice. This system uses your fingerprint, handprint or face recognition to open the box.

4: Tamper-Evident Feature: We can also design your boxes with tamper evident feature that can show if the box is opened or tampered with by an unauthorized user. 


The lock boxes are customizable in size, shape and even design accordingly. You can choose to print your company logo on the boxes to make your brand recognized. The graphics are important in lock boxes. You can choose the graphics that can make your lock boxes invisible from prying eyes. This way you can protect the inner contents without any hassle. We can design your lock boxes according to your requirements from sizes, designs to any other additional features of your choice. Customization can enhance the aesthetics of your lockboxes. Our customers have the freedom to choose from various options including sizes, colors and designs. 

Buy Custom Lock Boxes: 

If you’re looking for high-quality custom lock boxes that can keep your valuables safe then you are at the right place. Dura Printing offers you custom lock boxes with advanced security mechanisms that help you keep your valuables products safe from prying eyes. 

Wholesale Rates: 

Dura Printing offers these boxes at wholesale prices which proves to be cost-effective for businesses with free shipping services available within UK and USA. By purchasing in bulk you can save a lot of cost. The quantity can range from 100 to 1000 or more. The prices can differ with the options you choose like materials, branding, sizes, graphics or any special features you want to add to your boxes. If you want to purchase in bulk, you can visit our website for more information.

Free shipping services in the UK and USA: Custom Lock Boxes boxes are quite popular in the UK and USA among various industries like bankers and retailers. Now they are popular worldwide. At Dura Printing you can find specialized services that cater to your business requirements. 

These customized boxes provide advanced security to your precious items and can easily be found on our website. Businesses in both UK and the USA prioritize quality and customer satisfaction, that’s why Dura Printing offers quality products at economical prices with free shipping services in the UK and USA. 

Why choose us? 

There are several reasons why you can choose Dura Printing for purchasing custom lock boxes. First and foremost is quality as we use high-quality materials with advanced security mechanisms to make your custom lock boxes. We offer a wide range of customization options including sizes, shapes and graphics to fit your brand aesthetics. We offer affordable prices without compromising the quality of boxes with quick delivery to meet your deadlines. 

Our goal is to surpass your expectations to ensure your satisfaction with our quality products and services. 

In the end we must say if you want your brand recognized and stand out in the crowd with appealing and eye-catching designs, you can easily decide to purchase from us.