Custom Hologram Stickers

Holographic packaging  Sticker are used in the packaging industry to visually attract and captivate. They are used in cosmetics, jewelry, perfumes, and for many other purposes. They are used for the wrapping of gifts, products, and luxury items. Holographic packaging Stickers are made from sturdy and rigid materials so that they can protect your products.

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Dura Printing prepares adhesive labels with 3D images. These are visually attractive and hard to copy but easy to verify. These kinds of stickers prevent your brand from duplication. We also prepared holographic stickers as a helper of Hologram Stickers to add security and high quality to your products. These stickers feature a stylish and modern design, printed on materials that impart a special, impressive touch to your product. High-quality ink is used to create a rainbow effect, giving your custom-printed stickers a striking ‘holographic’ background. When light hits these stickers, they produce vibrant rainbow colors that flash, similar to pearlescent stickers. You can interchangeably refer to them by both names.

Unique Effects:

Holographic and hologram material enables the printing of stickers. At Dura Printing, we offer high-quality custom stickers at very affordable prices. ‘Hologram’ refers to the ‘entire picture,’ and it earns the name ‘holographic’ due to its three-dimensional image. These images are also recorded on photographic film, setting them apart from conventional photography. They require no special tools or projection screens; you can view them easily from any angle. Holograms come in various types, including reflection, transmission, single beam, off-axis, and on-axis. Holographic stickers, popular for every occasion, often feature light colors to enhance their visibility. We print these stickers on distinctive vinyl, creating an impressive and attractive rainbow effect with a unique iridescent quality. For this purpose, we use the highest quality, shiny, and colorful fabric. Holographic images can be printed using specific and unique foils to make them eye-catching and long-lasting.

Other types of hologram stickers :

If you want to print high-quality hologram stickers then you have to try Dura Printing. Our team worked hard and made perfect orders according to the given requirements.

We will manufacture low-cost but high-quality custom stickers with any kind of issue that fully protects your product. For high-quality custom hologram sticker businesses, you need to select the right options and designs and find a good manufacturer and supplier, For this purpose, Dura Printing is the best option in the USA and UK. 

There are 3 types of Hologram Stickers

  • Promotional Hologram Stickers
  • Demonstration Hologram Stickers
  • Security Hologram Stickers

 If you are looking for all of these kinds of high-quality custom stickers but cheap in cost you should approach Dura Printing for this. Because we are providing all kinds of high-quality custom stickers at very low prices without compromising their qualities. 

Cost-Effective :

The cost of Custom hologram stickers will also depend on your required sizes, types, designs, and your order’s quantity. Simply if you will be ordering huge amounts of stickers or in bulk it will be cost low as compared to the small orders. But we also offer many types of discounted offers for custom hologram stickers or custom printed stickers.

There are many different types of Custom stickers such as transparent stickers, reflective stickers, retro-reflective stickers, sport stickers, vehicle stickers, window clings stickers, printed custom stickers and many more. Our professionals have done their duty to make all kinds of these different stickers according to your requirements.

We Prepare your design according to your demands you should be satisfied after receiving your order. Our professionals work hard and customize your stickers by using graphic tools and different types of software. we should select appropriate materials for printing out the custom hologram stickers.

Durability :

You can also choose a sticker name for your business and many more. You can find these beautifully decorated and colorful stickers at a reasonable price. These stickers are highly sustainable and durable. You can use these beautifully designed stickers to showcase your items in a great way. We use high-quality water-resistant materials to make these stickers waterproof. We use printed paper, plastic, vinyl and other stuff materials and to make these stickers permanent we use decoupage glue. This glue works to make stickers permanent in place and adhesive.