Custom Foil Stickers

Foil Stickers are the essential components for any product. An attractive box can insist you grab the item whether you need it or not. Foil Stickers are the most demanding packaging today. Everyone wants to shop for products in beautiful packaging no matter whether you are sending gifts or presents to someone or carrying them for yourself. These stylish Foil Stickers are eye-catching and have stunning beauty.

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You can easily customize foil stickers for your business cards, flyers, booklets or tags from Dura printing. We prepare metallic shiny look foil stickers. 

They are used to provide information about something or for decoration purposes. Custom Foil stickers are generally made up of colored vinyl. Wall stickers printing is used to boost brand recognition. They help you to increase awareness of your brand. Custom foil stickers are the most suitable and cost-effective way to make your business exterior more unique, attractive and presentable. You can easily save your money with these stickers selection. 

Styling and visibility of Custom stickers:

The production of stylish custom foil stickers is one of the best processes of adding shiny metallic or glossy colors to make your given required sticker material such as business cards, book decor, flyers or product tags, brand logos, window stickers, etc. It also gives you a fabulous and luxurious finish that catches the eye of your dealer. This process of laminating or foiling the stickers makes a great product even much better than others and your customer service will also increase than earlier. In the print custom stickers, we will use the best quality and protected laminate coating. Vinyl is the most popular sticker material that can be used in sticker making. That’s why our professionals always use Vinyl which is the best material ever.

High-quality printed stickers

These stickers are manufactured with thick and finest quality material which is why it creates resistant to tearing, scratching, and fading of colors or any type of issue. Our custom-printed foil stickers have Strong adhesive backing to make sure that these stickers will stay in all places, even under any type of weather conditions. These Custom printed stickers are used to label different types of equipment, mark tools, show Brand logos, or personalize your needs. We make Eco-Friendly, waterproof, hard and sticky material that’s why everybody can choose Dura printing for high-quality custom-printed foil stickers. Our professionals use a variety of vinyl and decals to the lifespan of polyester during production. Moreover, our team will use an authentic printing process and inks such as UV inks, ensure to vibrant colors and resistance to fading of colors due to weather changes.

Vinyl stickers:

These types of stickers also are called PVC, vinyl is the most widely used as the best material for manufacturing high-quality custom stickers to create the following types:

Clear stickers: They provide a fine look to your product and make your product safer it is also having transparent quality. Dura printing also made foil-reflecting stickers 

Bumper stickers: These types of stickers are mostly used in vehicles especially placed on the back of cars, buses trucks or many others. These stickers have permanent or temporary conditions according to your demand. It also protects your vehicle from damage and scratches. We will manufacture that kind of sticker according to your given custom designs or sizes.

Transfer stickers:

In these kinds of high-quality custom Foil stickers, we collect individually small pieces of multiple stickers to stay together for transformation. Then you should place these kinds of custom stickers on windows or other surfaces too. Transfer stickers are made from waterproof material that’s why they can be easily used outdoors and indoors for both sides.

Die-cut stickers:

In this type of sticker, we provide you with different styles and outlines, logos, designs and glossy or shiny surface stickers. Die-cut stickers have the most unique designs and shapes like stars, circles triangles and much more. Their shiny or glossy touch made your product’s value more high than earlier. We Make them with high-quality material at low cost.

All kinds of stickers mostly have two basic looks one of them is matte and the other one is shiny or glossy. Dark colored stickers are more capable to light one because dark sheds are more attractive for common people, and catches the interest of others. We made both kinds of foil stickers, silver and gold. 

Here we discuss some of the shipping standard label sizes: 4”x5”, 4”x6”, or 4”x8” etc. You have to order according to your required size, Dura printing will make sure you have the right size at very reasonable prices.